You blood pressure may be low because of temporary conditions such as you are very tired or fasting. In addition, you might be on some medication that may lead to low blood pressure. However, if your blood pressure is low consistently, then it is better to consult a doctor and learn to maintain optimal blood pressure.

Depending upon your condition, the doctor may suggests you some remedies. However, it is always helpful to incorporate few things in your day to day life. Few of the simple home based remedies can help you to overcome low blood pressure:

  1. Increase salt intake: Increase the salt or sodium intake, salt increase the blood volume thus raising blood pressure.
  2. Exercise: Exercise raises blood pressure naturally.
  3. Drink lot of non alcoholic drink: Low blood pressure is caused due to dehydration. Drinking lot of water or other non-alcoholic drinks keep you hydrated.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated in summer: In summer dehydration is common, thus, drink lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  5. Avoid long hot water bath: Long hot showers bath leads to fall in blood pressure. Hence, avoid taking them.
  6. Restrict alcohol intake: Social drinking is permissible. But, excessive intake of alcohol is bad for health.
  7. Consult doctor before taking Medicine: Certain times medication can causes low blood pressure, consult doctor before starting any. Also, high blood pressure medication can causes frequent low blood pressure. Consult doctor to adjust your medication.
  8. Avoid heavy lifting: If having low pressure, then avoid any kind of lifting. Low blood pressure causes dizziness, you may faint and heavy lifting might cause serious injury.
  9. Be careful while getting up from lying or sitting: Low blood pressure causes dizziness. Take precautions while you are getting up after lying or sitting for long time, because you might faint.
  10. Sleep on elevated bed: This increases blood return to heart, thus increasing the blood pressure.

If proper diet and exercise regimes are followed, then it is very easy to maintain optimal blood pressure.