There can be many reasons for increased heart rate it can be due to excessive physical strain and due to stress, tension and depression. Thus, to know your correct heart rate, you need to measure when you are resting.

The healthy heart rate for adult at the resting time is 60 to 100 beats per minute. More than this can be considered as high heart rate.

There are various ways through which you can reduced the high rate till you get medical attention:

  1. Relax: The best way to lower the increased heart rate is to relax and lie down. Lie down on a comfortable couch or bed. In case there is no flat surface, sit in relaxed position. Relax your muscles and stay in the relaxed position and allow the heart rate to slow down at its pace.
  2. Mental visualization: Try to relax your brain muscles and calm down. Visualize the images and happy times that make you feel better. Visualizing pleasing images will calm your sensory glands.
  3. Learn to meditate: Focus on the beating of your heart. Use the power of concentration to slow the beating of your heart.
  4. Breathing:Take slow and deep breaths to calm your heart beat. Try following breathing exercises: Abdominal breathing and Nostril breathing.
  5. Massage: Getting massages at regularly will lower the heart rate by 8bpm.
  6. Prescription: Seek medical attention and take appropriate medication to lower the heart rate.