It is the dream of everyone to be slim and look amazing. No one wants to be fat. There are two ways of losing weight. 1. To eat properly 2. To Exercise.

Here we are going to talk about few exercises which help you to lose weight:

  1. Walking: This is the most simple and easy exercise to perform. Great exercise to tone stomach, legs and hips.
  2. Jogging: Jogging is another great exercise to lose weight.
  3. Step Aerobics: It targets your hips, legs and buttocks.
  4. Bicycling: Riding bicycle can burn upto 1000 calories in an hour depending upon the how fast you ride.
  5. Swimming: no doubt swimming can tone your body and can burn upto 800 calories /hour.
  6. Elliptical: This cardio is the best way to strengthen your muscles and toning the stomach. You can almost burn 600 calories/hour.
  7. Zumba: Now a days people are looking forward for Zumba to lose weight. It is the combination of exercise and dance and it is lot more fun.
  8. Yoga: Stretching exercise is good for body and soul. It is effective way to have flexible body and a remedy for back pain. You can lose upto 160 calories/hour.