Blood pressure cuff is simply not “Just Cuff”, it plays a vital role in providing accurate blood pressure readings. It is necessary that the cuff is neither too loose nor tight. The cuff’s lower edge should be approximately one inch above the elbow. In addition, the cuff is secured correctly, if it is difficult to slide two fingers in cuff. If you are using home based blood pressure monitor, where there is no professional help, and expecting accurate readings, then it is more important to double check the placement of cuff.

By default, most blood pressure monitors come with cuff. In addition, cuff can be bought as separate accessory. May be in following occasions you would buy cuff separately:

  • Cuff requirements are different: You may want extra large or extra small cuff, then you need to order it separately.
  • Wear and tear: It is highly recommended to replace the cuffs periodically for getting accurate readings.
  • Cuff does not fit you any more.

Different types of cuff available in market:

  • Reusable Cuffs: The popular cuffs are reusable, made of cloth nylon. Most of the blood pressure monitors in the market come with reusable cuff. Now a days you get fit to size cuff, thus the adaptability is more. In addition, you can get cuffs of various sizes such as small, medium, large and extra large, depending upon requirements. If you are using reusable cuff which are non-flexible, then you need to have different cuff for other members in the family. The reusable cuff are used in hospital too, were the chances of spreading infection is minimal. The size of reusable cuffs ranges from infant to thigh (8cm to 50 cm circumference).
  • Disposable Cuffs: These kind of cuffs are mostly used in hospital, where the risks of infection is high. They are made of vinyl or polyester. They are one time use or limited time use. The size is 3 cm to 50 cm circumference. The Welch Allyn blood pressure cuffs are most popular.
  • D-ring Cuffs: The D-rings cuffs are either reusable or disposable cuffs. They are designed to be self applied, so that you can measure your blood pressure without anybody assistance. The home based blood pressure monitors comes with D-ring cuff.

Factors to consider before shopping for Blood pressure cuff.

  • Size: You need to buy appropriate sized cuff. Before buying, measure the arm circumference midway between elbow and shoulder using cloth tape.
  • Brand: All the major brands such as Omron, LifeSource, Panasonic sell cuff as separate accessory. Depending upon the brand monitor you have, buy the cuff accordingly.
    If you want to go for another brand, check for the compatibility of monitor and cuff.
  • Material: If buying reusable cuff, go for nylon cloth cuff.

Different sizes of cuff from various brands

CuffTypeCuff SizeMaterialCompatible Products
Omron Wide Range Cuff
D-Ring9″-17″Nylon3 Series (BP710, BP742)
Omron Wide Range Cuff (CD-WR17Series)D-Ring9″-17″Nylon3 Series (BP710N,BP742N)
Omron Wide-Range(H-CL22)ComFit9″-17″Nylon7 Series (BP760)
10 Series (BP785,BP791IT)
Omron Wide-Range (CFX-WR17Series)ComFit9″-17″Nylon7 Series (BP760N, BP761)
10 Series (BP785N,BP786)
Life Source Cuff - Small
D-Ring6.3" - 9.4"NylonUA767 Plus
Life Source Cuff -Medium
D-Ring9.4" - 14.2"NylonUA767 Plus
Life Source Cuff- Large
D-Ring14.2" - 17.7"NylonUA767 Plus
Life Source Cuff-Extra Large AccuFit (UA-282)D-Ring16.5" - 23.6"NylonUA-787EJ, UA-789AC, UA-853AC, UA-853LAC
Life Source Easy - Fit
D-Ring9" - 17"NylonUA-787 and UA-853AC
Panasonic Large cuff
(EW3901S )
-13 3/4" - 17 1/4"NylonEW-BU35W, EW-BU04W, EW3122S, EW3109W and EW3106W.