Low blood pressure is called as hypotension. Generally, low blood pressure is not as severe as hypertension. However, even low blood pressure can leads to chronic diseases. If the systolic reading plunges to 90 or below or diastolic reading drop down to 60 or either of the reading is lower than the prescribed, then it is considered low blood pressure. Hence, if it is low consistently, then you need to consult your care provider. Depending upon the doctor recommemdation, you can measure your blood pressure at home.

Cause and Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

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It is not very clear what causes low blood pressure, but it can be said to be effected by following factors:

  • Endocrines Problems: Low sugar levels, or underactive thyroid can lead to low blood pressure.
  • Dehydration: Not enough fluids in the body causes dehydration.
  • Blood loss: Blood loss causes reduced supply of blood to heart causing low blood pressure.
  • Severe allergy reactions: This causes breathing problem, sore throat and low blood pressure.
  • Over the counter medicine: Side effect of certain kind of over the counter medicine. Or the side effects from medication for high blood pressure causes low blood pressure.
  • Pregnancy: In pregnancy the women circulatory system expands. Thus, causing low blood pressure. However, women recovers from low blood pressure after the birth.
  • Nutritional deficiency: Lack of proper diet causes malnutrition. If the body is low on sodium it may lead to low blood pressure. Or if there is a deficiency of B12 Vitamin then the blood lack red blood cells leading to low blood pressure.
  • Severe infections: when an infection enters bloodstream it may cause septicemia causing low blood pressure.
  • Heat Exhaustion or stroke: Too much of exposure to sun, leads to dehydration thus causing low blood pressure.
  • Heart problem: Extremely low heart rate prevent your body to circulate enough blood. Thus leading to low blood pressure.

When your blood pressure drops you may see following signs and symptoms.

  • Weak: The fall in blood pressure causes weakness. It is very difficult to perform regular chores.
  • Dizziness: It is well known fact that low blood pressure causes dizziness. For time being it will make you unsteady.
  • Blurred vision: Low blood pressure affects your eyes. The vision get blurry. It is like seeing stars in the night.
  • Nausea: Low blood pressure causes nausea or vomit. To avoid it drink water or juices to feel hydrated.
  • Depression: Low blood pressure causes dizziness and nausea which may lead to depression.
  • Loss of consciousness: Fasting, tiredness, dehydration any of these factor can cause low blood pressure. In turn low blood pressure causes dizziness and blurred vision. All these things may leads to fainting
  • Light headache: Slight headache is a mild symptom of low blood pressure. Intake of salt or lying down for a while might help to overcome headache.

Low blood pressure can leave you very week, you need to take medical help if the blood pressure measurement are lower than 60. It is always recommended to keep you hydrated and follow a good fitness regime. There are lot of home remedies which can help you to get your low blood pressure to normal.