It is always recommended to know you heart rate or pulse. It is not necessary that athletes, old people and people suffering with diseases should track their heart beat. In my opinion everyone should atleast know few facts about the heart rate and also their heart rate health from time to time.

Pulse and heart rate is same. Pulse is the number of time heart beat per minute. Everybody heart rate is different. It is based on your age, gender and health situations. depending upon the age, the heart rate regularity changes which indicates your heart health.

You can count your heart rate in following ways:

  • Wrist
  • Side of neck
  • Inside the elbow
  • Top of the foot

The best way to get accurate readings of your heart rate is resting heart rate. The heart pumps the lowest blood when you are resting or relaxing. The heartbeat will be between 60 to 100 beats. if its is lower than 60, it does not imply any medical conditions. The physically fit person can have low heart beats. If it is more than 100, then you need to pay visit to doctor.

The optimal Heart Beat for all age groups are:


Target HR Zone 50-85%

Average Maximum Heart Rate, 100%
20 years
100-170 beats per minute

200 beats per minute
30 years

95-162 beats per minute190 beats per minute
35 years

93-157 beats per minute185 beats per minute
40 years

90-153 beats per180 beats per minute
45 years

88-149 beats per minute175 beats per minute
50 years

85-145 beats per minute170 beats per minute
55 years

83-140 beats per minute165 beats per minute
60 years

80-136 beats per minute160 beats per minute
65 years

78-132 beats per minute155 beats per minute
70 years

75-128 beats per minute150 beats per minute