Exercise is the amazing way to live great and healthier life. Since it helps to de-stress, you are happy and relaxed. There are number of exercise that can benefit you in different ways. You need to perform the combination of exercises to improve your overall body health. Overdoing of exercise will not help. You need to do it appropriately and as per your body type and need. The intensity of the exercise should be moderate to vigorous. Try to mix and do the exercises. it will be more fun. However, if you are suffering from alignment, please refer to doctor before starting any kind of fitness regime.
The various exercises that can make you fit varies from moderate to vigorous exercises. Here are the details of different exercises.

  1. Cardiovascular/Aerobic/Endurance Exercise: Cardiovascular exercises or Aerobic or Endurance exercises: all the three are same. By doing these exercises, you will improve your breathing and heart rate. To monitor the heart rate, they are heart rate monitors available in the market. The good monitors are from Polar and Timex. In cardiovascular activities, you will uses your large muscles in repetitive times, which generate lot of oxygen and the oxygenated blood will be delivered to muscles and tissues. The blood flow increases in the heart and heart can able to pump and out more blood leading to increase burst of blood per beat and thus improving our resting metabolism. The aerobic activities strengthen the heart that is why there are recommended for good heart health. the Endurance exercises improves the immune system and circulatory system. Provide lot of Endurance to perform daily chores. The cardiovascular exercises are low intensity and performed for longer time. All the exercises overall with each other.
  2. The following Cardiovascular Exercises can improve stamina and lose Fat:

    • Climb Stairs: Avoid taking elevator as much you can. Climbing stairs improves your leg muscles making them stronger and also help with the butts. In gym, there are artificial staircases, you can use them to do this exercise.
    • Jog or Walk: Walking is the easiest exercise one can do. Jogging may not be easy for the the elderly people or anyone with knee problems. These are the great way of losing weight and maintaining health over a period of time.
    • Jump Rope: This is the play and at the same time great way to exercise and strengthen your core muscles, arms muscles and leg muscles. Jumping rope can be performed at home.
    • Jumping Jack: This is the exercise increases your heart rate as well as to burn calories. In jumping jack, you need to keep your feet together, hands on the side. While jumping move your legs outwards and raising hands above your hand in a clapping mode.
  3. Strength/ Anaerobic/Resistance exercises: As the name suggests, the strength exercises are done to increase the strength in the body. They are intense exercises performed for shorter period of time. This make you body ready for hard work. You will lose more calories in Anaerobic exercise compared to aerobic. In strength exercises, the role of heart is different.
  4. The following exercises increase your strength:

    • Running: This exercise put pressure on your knees structure. Certain muscles are contracting. The contraction hinder the flow of blood leads to more blood pressure in the rest of the body and heart works hard to push the stronger blood force to push out. This increases the thickness of the left ventricle wall. This thickness is the healthier thickness for heart.
    • Weight Lifting: This is the great way for making muscles. However, do not start with anything you like. Start with small and work your way up as per your strength and comfort levels.
    • Push-ups: This exercise helps you to build your calf muscles and shoulders. In addition it improves muscular balance which in turn provide strength.
    • Squats: It is for the thighs and hips. It helps in strengthening bones, ligament and tendons throughout the lower body.
  5. Balance exercises: Balance exercises are mostly for the old age people. Balance exercises with other exercises such as strength can improve your ability to maintain your balance and position whether you are standing or still and thus prevent any kind of fall.
  6. The following balance exercises can improve your body balance:

    • Single leg Balance: Help you to improve the posture and balance. It improve your front-to-back balance.
    • Tai chi: It not only build better balance but also very relaxing.
  7. Flexibility Exercise: Flexibility is every athlete’s dream. If you are flexible, it gives you freedom of moments for day to day activities.
    • For flexibility, following exercises can be performed:

    • Yoga:This form of exercise help you to get rid of the stress and anxiety at the same time, the exercises performed in yoga help your muscles to build flexibility.
    • Dance: Dance is the form of exercise where you attain greater levels of flexibility as well as your coordination and balance will improve exponentially.
    • Stretches: These can be done anywhere and anytime. Stretches are done before the exercise too to get flexibility which helps to perform exercises better. There are stretches for arm, legs, neck and shoulders.
    • There are lot of forms of exercise which can make you fit and healthy. You have to decide which one is best for you and how can you do them. Just don’t do them for doing sake such as if you are suffering from injuries. Make it a part of your daily routine. It will do wonders for you body, mind and soul.