LifeSource UA-767 Plus Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

LifeSource blood pressure monitors from A&D manufacturer, provides an easy way to monitor your blood pressure at home. If you are suffering from any blood pressure conditions, then the key to avoid major complications is to monitor blood pressure at regular intervals. The home based blood pressure monitor comes handy when you want to measure blood pressure regularly. The LifeSource blood pressure monitors have features such as Pressure Rating Indicator and auto-inflate cuff.

  • Accuracy:

    LifeSource UA-767 Plus monitors are considered extremely accurate. They are tested clinically for accuracy and European Hypertension Society approves it. This approval, remove all the doubts regarding accuracy. The blood pressure readings taken from LifeSource monitor are equivalent to the readings measured from cuff/stethoscope auscultation method, assuring the health and safety of consumer.

  • Reviewed by ; Updated on May 9, 2021
  • Fitting:

    Blood pressure monitors accuracy is dependent on the cuff fitting. LifeSource comes with different cuff size both as part of the model and as separate accessory. For every cuff size, be assured that there is a model for you. However, it is very confusing, UA-767 is the umbrella product and there are many models depending on the cuff size and AC Adaptor. Would have loved the product, if it would have provided a cuff that could fit most people. Other Manufacturers do provide such cuff.


    Comparison table for different LifeSource UA-767 Plus Models

    Model NameCuff SizeAC AdaptorCost
    UA-767PVSSmall (5.1" - 7.9")NoCheck Price
    UA-767PVMedium (9.4"-14.2")NoCheck Price
    UA-767PVLLarge (14.2" - 17.7")NoCheck Price
    UA-789ACExtra Large (16.5"-23.6")NoCheck Price
    UA-767PSACSmall (5.1" - 7.9")YesCheck Price
    UA-767PACMedium (9.4"-14.2")YesCheck Price
    UA-767PLACLarge (14.2" - 17.7")YesCheck Price

  • Ease of Use:

    • Pressure Rating Indicator: LifeSource blood pressure monitors has in-built feature called ‘Pressure Rating Indicator’. This indicator indicates whether the blood pressure is low, normal or high. LifeSource one-step monitor provide an easy way to view your blood pressure measurements and compare the numbers. However, it is a good idea to let the experts interpret the blood pressure readings.
    • Easy-to-Read Monitor: The monitor is very large. Thus, you can view the systolic and diastolic reading clearly.
    • Auto-Inflate Cuff: The cuff that comes with the monitor is inflated automatically with a touch of a button.
  • Additional Features:

    • Memory: It has a memory capacity of 90 measurements. It keeps record of last 90 readings with date and time stamp. This will allow keeping track of blood pressure and pulse rate from past several months. In addition, it calculates the average of previous readings to give clear sense of your measurements.
    • Irregular Heartbeat Detection: Another important feature of LifeSource blood pressure monitor is irregular heartbeat detection. The monitor displays an alert when your heartbeat is irregular while measuring blood pressure. In addition, though the heartbeats might be irregular, it will measure and provide the accurate blood pressure readings and pulse rate.
  • Value for Money:

    LifeSource UA-767PV is priced very competitively and a good choice for its price range.

  • Power:

    4 AA Batteries (Not Included) or AC Adaptor (Depends on the model).
    Batteries last for around 6 months with daily reading.

    Details on the model with AC Adaptor included is detailed in the table above.

  • Warranty:

    LifeSource UA-767PV comes with lifetime warranty.


Standard Box Contains:

  • 1 LifeSource Advanced One Step Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 1 Auto-inflate cuff
  • 1 Four-week blood pressure logbook
  • 1 Quick start card
  • 1 Trilingual instruction manual (English, Spanish and French)
  • 1 AC Adadtor depending on the model



LifeSource Advanced One Step Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor helps you to measure blood pressure and pulse very quickly. LifeSource blood pressure monitor (UA-767 Plus) comes with amazing features that will make your life easy. However, if you are interested in wrist monitors then LifeSource has UB512 wrist blood pressure monitor, it has same features like UA-767PV.

The prime advantage of LifeSource is its accuracy. Many consumers have found the readings extremely close to the readings performed by professionals.

It comes with all possible cuff sizes, including extra large size. This is one of the distinguishing feature of this series and also little confusing. The table above should clear all confusions.

We recommend buying a non AC Adaptor model as the batteries last very long, the extra cost because of the AC Adaptor is not worth it.

Updated by Monica Griffin on May 9, 2021


  1. Lorne Morrow

    how do I remove history from monitor ?

    • Anonymous

      Simply hold down the memory button for 5 or 6 seconds to clear the memory.

  2. Bob

    how do you change from a large cuff to medium cuff —do you disconnect cord from the monitor or from the cuff

    • MiniMe

      Disconnect the cord from the left side of the monitor. It pops out. Put a new cuff on and make sure it’s on securely so no air leaks out.

      • Diana Sue McMahon

        My is-767 Plus keeps giving me Err CUF and I have changed batteries and disconnected the hose from the unit and it still doesn’t work. Who can I contact to have my monitor replaced, it has a lifetime warranty?

  3. MiniMe

    How do I change the time from PM to AM for the UA-767 model? Thank you

  4. Jose A. Garcia

    I have a problem. My device does not raise the presure more than 110 mm. What could be the problem?. It is cover by the warranty?

    • Ludwig Schindler

      My model #UA-767 Plus does not pump above 130, therefore, does not measure accurately how can I reset it???

    • Nanette Wescott

      My monitor, UA=767 Plus will not raise the pressure more than about 40 before it starts to go down. I have replaced the batteries, checked to be sure that they are installed correctly. I have had this monitor since 2009. Is it time for a new one? Or, is there a fix for it?

      • chuck

        It has a lifetime guaranteed. Contact A-D for help.

        • Wilfred Ortogero

          UA 767 Plus sn5131000406

          Monitor is starting to ERR more when taking pressure.

          • Hedy Kousen

            Occasionally the cuff Blows up. Also occasional he chose errs.

        • Wilfred Ortogero

          UA 767 Plus sn5131000406

          Monitor is starting to ERR more when taking pressure. I have a lifetime warranty and request a replacement.

    • Ellyn Plake

      How can I order an adapter?

  5. Raymond rousseau

    My device does not work properly where do I apply for a replacement?

    • larry pughe

      I have owned and used this LifeSource UA-767 model for a few years now and it has been perfect…I just had open heart surgery November 1, 2017 and use this model daily for dr reports..Today November 30 my machine starts to pump and then displays Err 3…I have inserted 4 brand new AA batteries with same results….

  6. Gail Kent

    All of a sudden it won ‘t turn on…new batteries where installed just in case they were low.
    What other things to check. Help please.

  7. loris fleming

    How do I set the date and time? Thank you. UA-767 plus model.

    • Charlie Butts

      see two buttons on side where cuff tube plugs into base. Click clock symbol and change what it shows by pressing arrow symbol…continue all the way thru year, month, and time

  8. Paula teasdale

    How do I retrieve the history readings

    • amber

      you simply push the smaller of the two buttons on the front of the machine as it is the memory button.

  9. amber

    I just stared having “issues” with hypertension . I am a Medical Assistant and have a manual cuff but, if you’ve ever tried, you know it’s near impossible to use a manual cuff on yourself!!! Ive not had much faith in these battery operated type blood pressure monitors…AT ALL!!! I HAD to give in and purchase one …. and CAN NOT be more happy with the accuracy of results, the ease of use and, considering I have Tachycardia, this model is a SUPER BONUS in its ability to measure an irregular heart beat!! I’d suggest this brand and model to people all day long!!! Excellent price as well!

  10. Indu Gupta

    My Life Source UA 767 plus Digital Blood pressure monitor A & D Medical is giving incorrect readings. Where can I get it replaced?

    • Ronald C. Boyer

      My wife recently had a severe kidney infection, spending 2 weeks in the hospital, during which time both her both and rate were erratic. Her pressure was showing high here at home with the UA-767 but that same day at the doctor was normal. Today home health confirmed the USA-767 unreliable. Is it garranteed.

  11. Elena Ryder

    I wonder if it is convenient to keep the cuff plugged in while not in use or it is better to remove it after finishing

  12. John

    My UA767 is pressuring up and down a couple of times before it gives a reading. Why is it doing this? Is it fixable? Thanks

  13. Michelle L Minton

    My father in law gave me his UA-767. The directions for use however, are missing. How do I know what to set the pressure at?


    UA-767 PLUS
    Doctor offices always show my PB 150/170 Mu UA-767 generally indicates 90/130 20 to 30 point diierence

    questioned my Doctors and run comparison test – Unit must be wrong

    Any idea why the variation – calibration of my monitor


  15. poker vovo

    With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright infringement?
    My website has a lot of unique content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it looks like a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my authorization. Do you know any solutions to help
    stop content from being stolen? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

    • Dale Murray

      The V.A supplied me with a UA767. Where can I send it to have it recalibrated if that’s possible?

  16. 40roller

    Bought one. Lasted about 3 years + and suddenly stopped working. No LED, no power etc… Should have lasted at least 10 year’s as I had babied. RESULT: CANNOT RECOMMEND! 2/5

  17. PAT FEY

    MY UA-767 stopped working today….I read on the box it had a life time warranty. I haven’t even had it 10 years.

    What can I do?

  18. Aura

    My UA -767 Plus digital blood pressure monitor wont go down when i use it. Batteries are new. Is there a service center here in the Philippines?

  19. L. Boyle

    How do I see the Pressure Rating Indicator? On the screen, I mean. Thanks for any help.

  20. Rich

    I have a UA-767 it has no other buttons on it whatsoever. According to your site it should have a memory and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to retrieve it. It literally has a start button and a 4 position switch to increase the pressure to take higher blood pressures. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  21. Ray S

    Recently diagnosed with aFib I am looking for 2 answers (at this moment ). 1-will the LifeSource UA-767 Plus notify if it detects aFib and 2-what are all the important questions I should be asking my cardioligist ?
    Thanks in advance – Ray S

  22. Colleen. Timko. Salzinger

    Please. Send me a blood. Pressure. Monitor: To:
    Colleen. Salzinger-timko
    P.o. Box 18348
    Chicago, il. 60618

  23. Dayna M

    How do i set the date not the time, time is fine the date is wrong

  24. Dayna Monroe

    How do i set the date

  25. Gerald Larsson

    Can you provide a telephone or web address to contact AND as my UA-767 Digital Blood Pressure monitor is not functioning properly, continuous pumping with no reading.

  26. Mark Patten

    What does Aor RO1 mean when it comes up on the screen..not sure if it’s A or R due to digital figures..thank you

  27. NameEsteban Dolande Cardenas

    Commentbuenas tardes mi equipo es un UA 767 plus. el mismo estaba trabajando muy bien pero empezo a presentar la falla de que se arrancaba y subia la presion pero indicaba error y no da las lecturas y no se que hacer, no se donde llevalo a reparar, agradezco cualquier informacion, gracias

  28. Jim

    Purchased UA-767. Bunches up when inflating so I don’t know if I’m getting a true reading. Would not recommend this monitor

  29. Jagdish Kumar Sharma

    Where I repair my life source BP monitor model UA767 pressure outlet point in Okhla in delhi

  30. Ana Chávez

    Mi equipo no esta inflando el brazalete y da error. Por favor me orienta donde lo puedo reparar. Venezuela

  31. Dr. K.Ganesan

    I have a Life source A&D Medical B.P. Monitor.
    Below the screen it says UA-767 FAM digital Blood Pressure Monitor.
    SN 7190306157
    My readings show a large range. 12.30 a.m 157/67 4.30 a.m. 159/72 7.30 a.m. 121/77 11.a.m.124/55
    1.10 p.m. 159/79 3.30 pm 168/72 10.15 pm 175/70 4.00 am 167/70 11.30 am 136/65 4.20 pm 187/82
    6.30 pm 175/67
    I take Metaprolol 25 mgms 1/2 tab three times a day. Since ther is such a variation in the readings, I find it hard to decide whether the dose is right for me or whether it should be changed.
    Or has the calibration of the apparatus gone faulty?

  32. Ferdie pascual

    my question is do we need to calibrate the bp ua 767 model if yes how to do it

  33. Joseph Strelko

    I bought a new blood pressure monitor UA-767FAM. I connected a calf hose to the monitor without any problem. However I am unable to disconnect it. Please tell me how to do it. Thank you.

  34. Chantal Mayer

    j”ai un life source UA767 PLUS quoi faire il affiche ERR CUF MERCI

  35. Ross MacLeod

    Hi, I have been using the 767 since August 2012 and found it very reliable. It is plugged in all the time and has batteries for backup and power failures. It has been very reliable and appears to be pretty accurate. I was wondering what the expected life span is or whether it needs to be recalibrated or replaced periodically.


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