Omron BP786N and BP785N - 10 Series Review

Omron 10 Series Blood pressure monitors are one of the top selling and most recommended home-based devices. 10 Series have following models: Omron BP786N, BP786, BP785N, BP785 and BP791IT. Out of these BP786N and BP785N are new, rest are discontinued. Overall, these monitors are accurate and easy to use, thus are excellent choices.

Comparison table for Omron BP786N, BP786, BP785N and BP785

Release Year2016201420142011
Data TransferWireless BluetoothWireless BluetoothN/AN/A
CompatibilityiOS and AndroidiOS and AndroidN/AN/A
CostCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
We recommend checking price for all models as sometimes you might get better model at lesser price.

Differences among BP786N, BP786, BP785N, BP785 and BP791IT

BP786N vs BP786
The features and quality of both the product are same. Manufacturer updated few technical components and thus introduced BP786 with a new name: BP786N.

BP785N vs BP786N
BP786N supports Bluetooth for data transfer, and BP785N does not, all other features are same.

BP785N vs BP785
BP785N is the newer model of BP785.

BP785 vs BP791IT
Both are the old discontinued models.
BP791IT supports data transfer using Microsoft Vault, and BP785 does not allow transfer other than that all other features are same.

  • Accuracy:

    Omron 10 Series BP786N and BP785N models are clinically proven accurate. Few users compared the readings with the professional sphygmomanometer by taking readings back to back. The readings from 10 series monitors were very close to professional readings.

    It is still a home-based blood pressure monitor and not a professional one, thus occasionally you should visit your doctor for the checkup. You can take your monitor with you and compare the readings. Such exercise will validate that your device is working fine and gives accurate readings.

    The monitor has following features to ensure accurate readings:

    • Tru Read: Automatically takes three readings consecutively in short intervals and provide (display) the average. It follows the guidelines established by the American Health Association. The interval between the 3 readings can be adjusted from 15s – 120s. The feature is optional and if you want to turn it off you have an option.
    Reviewed by ; Updated on October 22, 2018
  • Fitting:

    You might have heard many people complaining about the accuracy of the home-based digital blood pressure monitor. The primary reason is the fitting of the cuff. If the cuff size is not appropriate, i.e., it is loose or too tight or not placed properly, then the readings will be unreliable. Omron has gone an extra mile to rectify cuff size issue. Omron 10 Series Blood Pressure monitors come with a comFit cuff that can fit standard to large arms (9” to 17”). The cuff inflates around the entire arm to minimize incorrect cuff positioning.

    In case you need other size cuff they can be purchased separately as accessories.

  • Ease of Use:

    Monitor have many built-in features:

    • Large Display: The digits are extra large and the monitor have backlight which makes the readings more readable.
    • BP Level Bar: It gives an indication of how your readings are compared to standard blood pressure readings. It’s useful as you don’t need to remember the normal levels. Green indicates the “normal level” and orange indicates “hypertension”.
  • Additional Features:

    • Multi User with Large Memory: Device supports 2 users. It has 200 memory storage capacity, 100 for each user with time and date stamp. With a touch of a button, you can view the last 100 readings.
    • AM/PM Averaging Option: It provides eight-week history of your weekly morning and evening averages, with a click of a button.
    • Irregular Heartbeat Detector: The monitor detects the fluctuations in the heartbeat while measuring the blood pressure.
    • Data Transfer: BP786N supports wireless data transfer using Bluetooth. It has apps (Omron Wellness) for both Android and iOS. Transfer features are still evolving so you can expect some rough edges. Compared to BP786N, Withings is pretty good on the app front and integrates well with other apps.
      Note: BP785N doesn’t support data transfer.
      How to pair Omron BP786N or BP786 with your phone:

  • Value for Money:

    The cost is little on the higher side compared to other home-based blood pressure monitors. However, you get what you pay. Be assured that you are getting an excellent product.

  • Power:

    It requires 4 AA batteries (Not Included) or an AC adaptor (Included) that can be plugged into the wall and ready to use when required. It can be used for both 120V and 220V. Thus, the device is compatible with most of the countries. The exact specification of the adapter as per the User Manual: (INPUT AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.12A).

    If you run on AC adaptor and the power is turned down, you may lose time and date settings (Past measurements won’t be deleted). Batteries run pretty long and can sustain around 1000 measurements.

    My take on this is that the adaptor is just an added advantage in case you run out of batteries, however primarily you would want to use the device on batteries.
    Omron Wellness App

  • Warranty:

    5 Years limited warranty


Standard box contains:

  • 1 Omron BP785N or BP786N 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 1 ComFit Cuff (fits arms 9” to 17” in circumference)
  • 1 Instruction Manual in English and Spanish
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 AC Adaptor (Also operates on 4 AA Batteries not included)



You can’t go wrong with this device. It is accurate, rich in features and looks great. If you are looking for a budget with similar reliability, but less number of features then Omron BP761N or BP760N would be a good choice.

Overall, this device is good value for money and an excellent choice for a home.

Updated by Monica Griffin on October 22, 2018


  1. Ernest de Freitas

    Does the 786 comes with a case?

    • Anonymous

      No, it does not!

    • Steve Peesel

      Worked good but now its a piece of crap! Omron does not keep up with software updates on Bluetooth devices which are used for downloading results! My 1 year old Samsung Galexy Not 5 phone recently had an update and now my BP786N will not link to get my readings. Was told it would be a few months to release the new updated software from Omron! Why did I by this piece of crap if the don’t have an IT department!

      • Redeye Dog

        This is very true. I have the same one and I am very disappointed with the bluetooth features. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I have never been able to email results to myself or anywhere.

  2. Ernest de Freitas

    The info does not mention if it comes with a carrying case.

  3. Bryan

    I’m confused. What is the difference between BP785N vs BP785? I know that BP785N is a newer version, but what is new about it? Are there additional features? is it more accurate? Does it correct some flaws in the older BP785? Does it look better?

    Thanks for any info.

    • Monica Griffin

      In terms of features, there is no difference between the two models (BP785 and BP785N).

      Personally I felt that BP785N have more comfortable cuff but again that is just my perception. All said, 785N is a newer model and BP785 is discontinued from the manufacturer. The price is almost same at the places they are available. Thus, if you already have older model don’t bother replacing but if you are purchasing a new one go with the newer version.

  4. Sourav

    Thanks for the comparison of the models. Helped me a lot in choosing the right model.

  5. Jon C

    Thanks for the comparison. It helped a lot in understanding what I was ordering (785N).

    • Fred

      Does this device have a mode to automatically take your blood pressure while sleeping?

  6. bkmurthy

    Unfortunately they are no sold in India. They have to be shipped from US making the cost exorbitantly high.


    If we compare them like BP785N / BP 786 OR SOCALLED INDIAN VERSION HEM-7131 and HEM-7121 / european versions… What about the accuracy……. ? DO OMRON give guarantee regarding the stability and accuracy for the similar reading on all these 4 models…?

    Which is the best and most accurate – HEM-7131 / BP 785N / BP 786…?

  8. mains9

    I am in Australia, brought a BP786 on Ebay from an Australian supplier. Went to Google Play to download the Wellness App got a msg “……not available for your country”. Beware prospective buyers make sure you can download the App before you buy this “high rated” monitor. I am in the process of returning mine.

    • Samuel Kat

      I had the same problem. This device probably works only in usa. Not recommended.

  9. Héctor Guillermo

    I bought in USA a new BP 786 MODEL,but I loose the Quick guide and the manual,it’s still not used.
    I’m living in Argentine, can you please send me a .pdf with them.
    It’s not available in my country.Many thanks Héctor

  10. James

    I can not get my series 10 786 to pair with my LG v-10 smartphone uning the ormon wellness app. I don’t know why

  11. James

    I can not get my series 10 786 to pair with my LG v-10 smartphone using the Ormon wellness app. I don’t know why. help would be appreciated.

    • OZ LOVER

      I spent a day researching several models and decided to get the 786. In my research and my emails to Omron, I found that you need the newest version of the 786 which is the 786N. Omron updated the Bluetooth to work with the latest phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy/iPhone 6 & 7 models, which comes with the latest OS. If you want to see what’s compatible, here’s the link..
      I hope this helps you.

    • Norman Kaplan


      I just purchased this monitor from Amazon and I have discovered that it is necessary to reconnect with Bluetooth after every morning’s measurements. The monitor does not appear to automatically reconnect. I find this somewhat unusual because my car (Toyota Avalon) automatically reconnects to my phone’s Bluetooth network when the car is powered on even if the phone is not unlocked. Naturally the phone must be turned on.

      I have found that it is necessary to first terminate the Phone App (swipe upward on the Iphone) and then initiate the 786’s pairing sequence before restarting the mobile phone’s Omron App.

  12. Surinder Sethi

    In BP786, can I put rechargeable batteries? Will these be charged by plugging AC adopter? Thank you

  13. Arun

    Yup, you can use rechargeable batteries and the AC adopter comes with the package. And moreover it will connect with Apple health App. My version is BP786N

  14. Andrew

    I can not get my BP786N to reliably pair with my HTC ONE M8 phone. The program detects the BP monitor but it rarely pairs. IT IS NO WONDER WHY MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS HIGH!!!!

  15. Ken

    I’m considering getting the BP786CAN model; it can take and store readings for two people. Can my results be sent to my phone, and the other person’s results be sent to their phone without having to re-pair the blood pressure monitor to the correct user’s phone (can it be simultaneously paired to two phones at once)?

  16. Nancy Roellke

    I cannot get my new iPhone 6Plus S to connect to the Omron BP786N. Have deleted app, forgotten device, erased readings for both myself and my husband and rebooted about 10 times now. I get the error message “No user available for selected device” because I was previously linked as User 2 on this monitor.

    It seems I need to somehow delete myself as a user on the BP786N but nowhere can I find instructions on how to do so.

  17. Larry Bartyzel

    I’ve purchased both the smaller upper arm cuff, as well as the BP786N. While I totally agree about the accuracy of the readings, I give both units “0” for Bluetooth conectivity with an Android device. Software loads easily, but when pairing, the Android cannot detect the BP machine. When BP is taken, readings cannot be sync-ed with the Android device. Any idea from the mfg. as to when the problems will be addressed, fixed and our units can be repaired, replaced or updated with new softward?

  18. Alan Geltman

    786 model.
    How do I turn the truread off?

    • Monica Griffin

      Select User Mode -> Press Sync button -> Use arrow keys to turn On/Off TruRead.

      User Manual have the details with the screenshots.

  19. Carmen

    My 786 model no longer connecting to my smartphone. It use to work perfect until yesterday. I have deleted the App and try again but no luck. Someone please help me

    • Monica Griffin

      Carmen, please see my previous reply for details.

      You should reach out to manufacturer.

  20. Jerry

    I have The 786 model. When I download the app and apply for an account it says my email is not valid. Not true.

  21. Michelle

    Hi, I am looking to purchase the Omron 10 Series BP786N. Where is this unit manufactured and can we purchase this outside USA? If yes, where can we purchase and is there still 5 years warranty?

  22. proxy server list

    What’s up,I check your blogs named “Omron BP786N and BP785N – 10 Series Review” daily.Your story-telling style is awesome, keep it up! And you can look our website about proxy server list.

  23. Max Anderson

    How do I recalibrate my Oberon BP785? Thx.

  24. Marcos

    Omron bp786 operaba ok bluetooth con HTC android 4, ahora tengo un Samsung s7 con android 6 y NO se puede conectar por Bluetooth, baje el software desde play Store Amron y no funciona, este lector de presión arterial no tiene soporte tecnologico.

  25. Harvey A. Eidenberg

    The battery level indicator on my BP786N only reads half full, even when installing new batteries. Returned it for a new one, same thing. Just a design flaw that I shouldn’t be concerned with? Otherwise machine appears to work properly. Thank you.

  26. Gerald Wilgus

    Have the BP785N with the HEM-FL31 cuff.

    I question the accuracy of this unit. Differences in same day readings between the OMRON unit and at my doctors office frequently exceed 30 – 40mm systolic and 10 – 15 diastolic. Cuff seems too long for my upper arm and I question the sizing diameter. These are possible contributors of bias. Finding other cuffs is nearly impossible.

    • Cheryl

      If you believe the cuff doesn’t fit you properly, then this could very well be the reason you’re not getting accurate readings.

  27. Hank

    I’ve had no problems with my OMRON HEM 711 model. Is there an improvement in accuracy in the new BP786 N 10 series? I’m not interested in the Blue Tooth, etc. features. Should I stick with my current model or is the accuracy and reliability of the new model worth upgrading…i.e.if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

  28. John

    What is difference between BP786 and BP786N?

    • Mark

      Omron BP786N is the new version. Functionality wise no difference.

  29. siddharth

    Do i need to replace the cuff after 1 year of use as the cuff is only covered under a limited warranty of 1 year, as opposed to the monitor which has a warranty of 5 years?

  30. Barry

    I’ve been using a BP786N for 2 years and find it works great, no issues at all. The Omron Wellness app wrote data to the Health App on my iPhone 6S. When I updated from Omron Wellness to the new Omron Connect app it no longer writes data to the Health App. I’m trying to find how to get my user back to Omron Wellness after it’s been migrated to Omron Connect. Thanks

  31. Ron

    do not own a smart phone. If I purchase an Omron 10, will I be able to use it?

    • Cheryl

      I don’t see why your smartphone has anything to do with the blood pressure monitor. I rarely use a cellphone, & I don’t need to use the bluetooth feature. I simply apply the cuff, then press the “on” button.
      Actually I was told by a professional that the very first reading you take, could be wrong. Take the one reading, then
      discard it. Take 3 consecutive readings (or use the TrueRead feature), & that will be more accurage.

  32. Helen McDowell

    My 786N worked perfect , but today when I wanted to transfer to smart phone it gives me network error, anyone has this problem and is there a way to solve this

  33. Anonymous

    Where can I find a blood pressure machine that for a older
    Lady who arm size is 7inches so she can get the right reading.I have tried to get a child size but can’t find one

  34. BestShavonne

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  35. Dick Ross

    The bluetooth does not work. Undoubtedly, the software needs to be updated. Why would this not have already been accomplished? There should have been a warning regarding the bluetooth feature. Not very impressive and a waste of money.

  36. Disgruntled customer

    I own 786 Cann 10 series and reported a problem on their French section. I use this (and their previous BP monitor) twice per day without failure for the past several years, going back to 2015 and earlier.

    Lately, after something like 3,000 readings, I get nothing but error 2 which wd b related to cuff issues according to their site. I am fluent in English but since they have a French customer service I used it and fully described my problems with the unit, asking for recommendations and/or suggestion to replace the cuff if need be.

    Results: no reply ( this is from Canada). I view thus as not professional and just a front to attract sales for which they do not truly have an effective tech. or after sale service but, pretend that they do so. Frustrating and not credible according to my personal experience.

    I am replacing this unit and it will NOT be an Omron.

  37. Pedro Marinho

    Attention! OMRON blocks the use of applications with different devices in some countries! When it comes to earning money, they say they value “health”, but when it comes to helping millions of users who bought the devices, they just turned their backs. They do not believe? Go to the Apple Store and check it out for yourself!

  38. Pedro Marinho

    Attention! OMRON blocks the use of applications with different devices in some countries! When it comes to earning money, they say they value “health”, but when it comes to helping millions of users who bought the devices, they just turned their backs. They do not believe? Go to the Apple Store and check it out for yourself!

  39. Dr k.subburam K

    It is a good device

  40. Dr k.subburam K

    Please send instruction manual for operating omron bp 785N

  41. Gene Tascott

    Followed instructions on turning off Trueread, several times. The minute the start button is pressed the inflation starts. Then, of course, it goes thru 3 cycles, with one minute intervals that I cannot change, either. This is on the BP785N machine. Please help.


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