Omron 10 Series BP653 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

10 Series BP653 is the latest wrist blood pressure monitor from Omron. It was launched towards the end of 2015. 10 Series blood pressure monitors are feature rich and top of the line from Omron. Similar to 10 series upper arm blood pressure monitors, wrist monitor contains enhanced features with good design and effective usage. Ultra-silent inflation is key enhancement compared to its predecessors.


All Omron blood pressure monitors are tested clinically for accuracy. Mentioned below are the features that help in improving the accuracy of the blood pressure readings:

  • Heart zone Guidance: For wrist blood pressure monitors positioning is the key. The monitor must be placed at the heart level. BP653 heart zone guidance helps you achieve correct position. Monitor indicator turns blue when it’s at the correct level and turns orange to indicate positioning is incorrect. However, due to varied human physique, this feature may not work for everyone. You can always turn this feature “Off”/“On”, go with your gut feeling.
  • Advanced Averaging: Provides average of 3 blood pressure readings taken within last 10 minutes.
  • Movement Error: Movements can lead to incorrect readings. Blood pressure Device warns if your body moves during the measurement. On getting movement error, remove the cuff for couple of minutes and retake the measurement.
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Cuff attached to the device fits most people. It is comfortable for wrist size 5.25 inches to 8.5 inches.

Ease Of Use

  • BP Level Bar: The Bar level and other indicator displays whether your blood pressure is in normal range or not. With this feature you don’t have to remember the standard readings for Nomal, Hypo or Hyper blood pressure.

Additional Features

  • Ultra Silent Inflation: It is one of the salient feature of BP653 monitor. Inflation is quick and quiet. This helps in taking the readings anywhere and anytime without drawing attention.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector: Irregular heartbeats (skipping in between) can sometimes be serious. The monitor detects the irregular heartbeats and indicates the same. At that time, best is to consult your doctor.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: BP653 supports data transfer using Bluetooth. It has an app (Omron Wellness) for both Android and iPhone platform. With the data transfer feature, you have unlimited storage.
  • Memory: Device can manage and track up to 200 readings.
  • Dual User Mode: It’s designed for 2 users. Device can store blood pressure and pulse readings for two users. 100 readings for each user.
  • Carrying Case: BP653 comes with a storage case.

Value for Money

This is the first time Omron came up with 10 series Wrist Monitor. 10 series is the best in home blood pressure monitors. Thus, price wise this model is little on the higher side. However, the price is competitive with other monitors. You get more features with a little extra price.


2 “AAA” Batteries (Included). The monitor comes with Low battery indicator; it appears when the battery is depleted. While changing the battery, remember to reset date and time.


5 Years

Standard Box Contains

1 Omron 10 Series BP653 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
1 Storage case
2 AAA batteries (Included)
1 Instruction Manual
1 Quick start guide


10 series BP653 is the top of the line wrist blood pressure monitor. It is slim, portable, quick and quiet. Thus, a good choice to keep your blood pressure under check while you are on the go. 7 series (BP654 and BP652N) are other good models for consideration. They are little cheaper but lack a couple of small features. The price difference between the 10 series and 7 series is not much. Overall, BP653 would be our top recommendation in wrist blood pressure monitors.

Updated by Monica Griffin on October 22, 2018