Omron HR-210 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The new breed of heart rate monitors are coming strapless i.e., the box contains only the wrist receiver. The Omron HR-210 is a sports and fitness category product. It display the heart rate monitor and aid in maintaining the optimal zone during workouts. Lot of users who do not want to wear chest strap and feel them as a hindrances can opt for this heart rate monitor.

  • Accuracy:

    There is a considerable debate over the accuracy of the strapless heart rate monitor, where you are just wearing wrist receiver device and there is no transmission device. In strapless monitors, the sensors is fitted in the watch itself. There are two sensors, one at the top and another at the bottom. Hence, to view the heart rate you need to touch the sensors with fingers. You have to hold it steady until heart rate appears on the display. To get the accurate readings the watch should touch your skin. It is considered accurate compared to chest strap monitors, because if the strap is ill fitted or it react with the fabric above it, you will not get accurate readings. However, in wrist monitor too, the placement of the dial need to be correct to get accurate readings. However, if you are not particular about the strap or strapless monitor. Then, I would suggest to look for Polar FT1, FT4 and FT7 strap heart rate monitors. They have same features like Omron-210 HR, but display continuous readings and much more.

    As per the user manual, to get accurate readings, you should not measure heart rate monitor while running, swimming or doing exercise. Take a break for 30 seconds and view your heart readings.


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  • Ease of Use:

    FT7 is very easy to use with lots of good features:

    • Continuous heart rate reading: The heart rate numbers are displayed instantly and accurately. You can adjust your workouts in a way that you can reach the goal rapidly and achieve your optimal training zone. However, the heart rate is not displayed continuously and you need to operate the watch while workout. It may cause hindrance to your focus.
    • To access heart rate, fingertips need to be placed on the metallic plates to enter the heart zone. It will take 6-10 seconds to detect the heart rate. To exit the heart rate zone, press other keys or remove your finger for 3 seconds.

    • Watch: The wrist receiver can be seconds as watch, the stop watch feature comes handy for training purposes. you can set the intervals using stop watch and monitor on periodic basis. You can introduce rest intervals during workouts using stop watch feature.
    • Strapless: Omron HR-210 is a strapless model, where you need wear the strap around the chest. Lot of users feels uncomfortable using strap. In addition, to get accurate readings you need to wet strap the strap. With this model you can perform your workout care free without any discomfort on chest.
  • Training Features:

    • Programmable Zone:To get the maximum benefits from any training or workout, you need to train in your permissible training zones. You reap the most out of exercise if you are working in the range of 50% to 80% of your maximum heart rate . While programming the watch, the lower percentage of zone you choose became lower heart rate limit and the higher percentage of zone became higher heart rate limit. The Omron HR-210 has three training zones.
    • Calories Expended:You can track the calories burned during workout using the stopwatch feature of HR-210. Take the heart rate reading while the stopwatch is running in order to view the amount of calories burned. The calorie reading shown in Stopwatch Mode represents an average of the calories lost during the time elapsed. It has a user data setting mode, set up your profile- age, gender, weight, this information will enable the watch to calculate the level of calories burned while exercising, help you to track your progress.
  • Watch Features:

    • Backlight:It has backlight feature.
    • Audible Alarms: You can program the watch for alerts. The alarm will alert you when the heart rate is too high or low compared to your target zone. It has a built in Calendar to keep track of training days.
    • Battery: It gives low battery alerts. All the functions of the watch will be disabled. The battery is user Replaceable.
    • Water Resistance: Hr-210 is suitable for swimming till 164 feet. However, should avoid operating watch underwater, water may enter the watch causing malfunction.
    • Stopwatch feature: The Stopwatch features helps you to time your workout.
  • Value for Money:

    It is in the range of 30 – 50$. Limited features. There are lot of advanced models which support multiple functions and may be few bucks costly than this.

  • Warranty:

    1 Years


Standard Box Contains:

  • 1 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • Battery



The major drawback of the product is that it does not show continuous heart rate readings. If you want to have contineous reading shown that you may prefer Omron HR-100CN or Omron HR-310, though they are not strapless. Compared to Hr-210, there are other products which are more advanced and rich in features. This product lacks features such as GPS, Data Transfer to other devices such as smart phones and pedometer.Device’s manual mentions that “For an accurate heart rate reading, make sure: you are not currently running, swimming or doing exercise”. I was really surprised reading this line. The whole purpose of the heart rate monitor is to keep a tap on your target zone. The big plus for this device is it’s affordability. Overall, if you are buying it to occasionally check your heart rate then its fine, otherwise I am not a big fan of this device.

Updated by Monica Griffin on October 22, 2018

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