Omron HR-310 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Every workout or cardio exercise and weight maintenance has it’s optimal target zones. By using Omron HR-310 is a strap monitor, you can train yourself in that optimal train zone and get maximum success. It is having more features compared to CN-100 and HR-210. It not only provides continuous heart rate reading but also, show average heart rate and percentage heart rate.

  • Accuracy:

    It is a strap monitor, it comes with chest strap and watch receiver. You need to wet the strap to get accurate readings. The strap position should be appropriate and above the heart. Make sure that fabric you are wearing is compatible with the strap to get accurate readings. Strap transmitter works on EKG method, thus ensuring accurate readings.


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  • Ease of Use:

    FT7 is very easy to use with lots of good features:

    • Continuous heart rate reading: It display continuous heart rate readings. No need to touch any button. This is the good feature compared to Omron HR-210, which is non- continuous heart rate monitor.
    • Gym Equipment Compatibility: The Omron HR-310, is compatible with the gym equipment. You need not have to wear the wrist receiver watch to track the heart rate during workouts at gym. It may happens at times that it interfere with other devices around providing wrong readings. If you want heart rate monitors which avoid interference from the other devices then you can go for Polar FT4, FT7 and FT1 heart rate monitors.
    • Comfortable Chest strap: The chest strap is made of plastic and elastic. The chest strap need to be wet to get accurate readings. Lot of users have a positive experience with the chest strap, however some are disappointed. In my view it is more important to wear the chest strap properly, lot of the discomfort can happen because it is not in the position as recommended. The chest strap of Polar FT60, FT40 and FT80 are made of fabric cloth which takes shape of your body. They are very comfortable and easily maintainable.
    • User Data, Calories count and Fat burn: To get the maximum benefit from the heart rate monitor, enter your user profile i.e., age, weight and height. A Fitness index will be generated and enable the watch to calculate the calories burned while exercising.
    • Tap on Lens
      • Clock (TIME)
      • Instant percentage heart rate, i.e., how hard the heart is working (%HR)
      • Stopwatch and current heart rate (STW HR)
      • Average heart rate (Avg HR)
      • Calories burned (kCAL)
      • Stopwatch (CHRONO)
  • Training Features:

    : The Omron HR-310 has three training zones.

      Target Activity
      WALK65 - 78%Health Maintenance: Low intensity training level. Good for those who want to strengthen their cardiovascular systems
      JOG65 - 85%Aerobic Exercise: Increases strength and endurance. Works within body’s oxygen intake capability, burns more calories, can be maintained for a long period of time
      RUN78 - 90%Anaerobic: Generates speed and power. Works at or above body’soxygen intake capability, builds muscle, and cannot be maintained for a long period of time
  • Watch Features:

    • Watch with Time: It display time and date like a normal watch.
    • Backlight: It has backlight feature.
    • Audible Alarms: It has alerts which when set can alarm you when heart rate readings are too high or too low.
    • Battery: It gives low battery alerts. All the functions of the watch will be disabled. The battery is user Replaceable.
    • Water Resistance: Hr-310 is suitable for swimming till 164 feet. However, should avoid operating watch underwater, water may enter the watch causing malfunction.
    • Stopwatch feature: The Stopwatch features helps you to time your workout.
  • Value for Money:

    It has few more good features compared to 100 CN and HR-210. The cost is competitive to both models. With respect to competitor it can be compared to Polar FT4 heart rate monitor.

  • Warranty:

    1 Years


Standard Box Contains:

  • 1 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
  • 1 Chest Belt
  • 1 Chest Belt Strap
  • 2 Lithium CR2032 Batteries
  • 1 Instruction Manual



HR- 310 is a good models with some useful features such as tap on lens, calories expended etc. If someone is not very particular about features such as GPS, pedometer or storage memory and just need a simple heart rate monitor then one can opt for this. However, the strap is made of plastic and is not very comfortable. The cost is cheap compared to other competitive heart rate monitor. The choice is yours to make.

Updated by Monica Griffin on October 22, 2018

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