With the current lifestyle we have, we are prone to more diseases than compared to our previous generation. No proper time to sleep, skipping breakfast, eating all high calorie food and above all no exercise. People give very casual answer for not exercising i.e., lack of time. However, my analysis says if you know what benefits you can get from physical exercise than you will take out time at any cost. I heard people telling that they are running whole day and that is enough for them. I think otherwise. Yes, you are running around, however, it is not enough to compensate what your body goes through in a whole day.

Importance of Exercise:
Physical exercise is the most easy way to feel good and live longer. It not only make you physically fit but helps in de-stressing oneself. Regular physical exercise lower the risks of strokes, diabetes and heart attacks. It helps to improve muscles strength, prevents cancers, improve bone mass, enhance immunity and maintain weight.

In addition to physical effect, exercise boost the mental abilities too. It helps you to focus on tasks, it deals with depression and anxiety.

The following are the benefits of Regular Physical exercise:

  1. Maintain health and eliminate diseases: Regular exercise keeps you fit and healthy. The fit body had a good immune system which helps to fight the diseases such as breast, colon, endometrial cancer. Dr. often suggest exercise to diabetes patients. If you have a good exercise regime you can avoid Type -II Diabetes. Exercise helps to avoid osteoporosis. These are just few things, exercise can make your body strong and you live longer.
  2. Boost Endurance and Stamina: Body needs lot of energy to accomplish day to day work. Aerobic Exercise includes physical motion which is continuous in nature that helps to improve the stamina. Exercise train your body to be more efficient and thus body requires less energy to accomplish work. As you improvise your resting metabolism rate will increase. when you exercise, the blood pump more oxygen to the tissues, helping to improve the cardiovascular system leading to more energy thus providing more stamina and endurance to perform daily chores.
  3. Provide strength, tone muscles and enhances mobility and flexibility: When you undergo resistance training, it develops bones, muscles as well as strengthen the ligaments. Muscles will be toned and your posture will improve. With muscles strength, you will achieve greater mobility . Stretching exercises improves balance and coordination of muscles, it loosen the stiff muscles such as neck. shoulder making you more comfortable.

  4. Watch for weight: As we all know. exercise not only helps to maintain the body but also keep watch on our weights. Through exercise, you burn calories. The more calories expended compared to consumed, you lose appropriate weight. For burning calories, it is not necessary you get involve in strenuous exercise. Just keep few things in mind such as take stairs instead elevators and to do house chores which involve lot of bending and stretching.
  5. Peaceful Sleep: Feeling insomnia, difficulty in falling asleep, exercise can give you relief. Regular exercise can help you to fall asleep quickly and deep sleep. You will be very fresh next morning. Just avoid doing exercise very close to bedtime.
  6. Exercise and Physical activity is fun and provides good health and you feel fabulous about yourself. Your mind and body will be in sync. Exercising around 30 minutes daily will provide lot of energy and provide energy boost, you require for daily chores.